(Funded by EHP Funds 2014–2021)

The Health Programme


The establishment and development of the National Association of Patient Organizations (NAPO) is funded by the EEA Grants2014–2021 under the Health Program.


The purpose of the project is to strengthen the role of patients and the position of patient organizations in the health sector by establishing an umbrella patient organization with a sufficiently representative membership base to represent the interests of patients across diagnostic groups and to develop the patient organization segment. An umbrella patient organization is a grassroots initiative of patient organizations themselves, which meet the definition of a patient organization – in particular, the condition of leadership or majority participation in the leadership and management of the organization by patients themselves. The basic principles of NAPO’s organization and activities are transparency, legitimacy, democracy, representativeness, and accountability.


The main outputs of the project are the establishment of NAPO, the establishment of its headquarters, and the operation of the organization; the expansion of the membership base; the establishment of the main information and communication platforms; information service for patient organizations (e.g., the establishment of the EUPATI national reference point) and activities to strengthen the capacity of individual patient organizations.


The preparation for the establishment and development of NAPO was ensured by eleven organizations associated in the NAPO Preparatory Committee, which emerged from consultations with all patient organizations in November 2020. The constitutive meeting was held on 17 November 2021, and the registered association was established in February 2022 by registration in the Federal Register. Preliminary interest in NAPO membership was expressed by 69 patient organizations, with whom the preparatory committee was in continuous contact.


The foreign partner organization is Funksjonshemmedes Fellesorganisasjon(FFO) – the Norwegian umbrella organization representing 70% of all patient organizations in the country. It operates nationwide, representing both purely patient organizations and organizations, and associations of disabled people. FFO’s main focus is advocacy activities and services for member organizations (capacity building, legal services, joint advocacy work). FFO is a member of the European network of patient organizations EPF.

For NAPO, the cooperation of the EPFO means the possibility of transferring know-how and examples of good practice in three areas – the establishment, development, and professional capacity building of the umbrella organization; advocacy activities and involvement of patients in decision-making processes in the health sector through the umbrella organization; and the development of services for members of the umbrella patient organization. The NAPO Steering Committee has been in informal contact with the SFO since March 2021.


February 2022

NAPO registered in the Federal Register

Director, project manager recruited

Memorandum of Cooperation with AIFP signed

Website launched

March 2022

Help for Ukraine incl. an online meeting of patient organizations to share experience and information (in cooperation with the Dept. of Patient Rights Support, the Ministry of Health) 

Participation in a round table on telemedicine in the Senate

Recruiting new patient organizations

Advocacy forum concerning sustainable financial support for patient organizations

April 2022

An online meeting of patient organizations focused on help for Ukrainian patients (in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Issues)

EPF Memberhip

Partnership with PACT

May 2022

Online meeting with FFO (Norwegian patient organization, a NAPO partner)

NAPO Member Board Meeting – admission of 11 new members

Participation at the patient Hub conference on sustainable funding of patient organizations (key note, panel discussion)

NAPO breakfast with the media

A meeting with the Association of Pharmacy Chains about remote dispensing of medicines

Online meeting of NAPO members to discuss sustainable funding of patient organizations

June 2022

A meeting with the Head of the Ombudsman in Healthcare Association

Negotiations with EFPIA about a partnership of the CEE Patient Engagement Annual Forum 2022

A start of preparations of the NAPO conference at the occasion of the Czech presidency of the Council of the EU

A meeting with Josef Pavlovic, the Deputy Minister of Health

Signing a memorandum of cooperation with the State Istitute for Drug Control

Participation at the EPF Confress, Brussels

The second meeting of NAPO member organizations abou sustainable funding of patient organizations

July 2022

NAPO conference – preparations, registrations 

Online meeting focused on Lex Ukrajina II

August 2022 

NAPO conference – preparations

A meeting with ČAP a ČAFF concerning the right to be forgotten

A meeting with the Czech National Disability Council

A meeting with Radek Policar, the Deputy Minister of Health for legislation and law

Sustainable funding of patient organizations – discussion about NAPO draft with non-member patient organizations

A meeting of the Patient Council working group focused on sustainable funding of patient organizations – introduction of the NAPO draft

Participation at the APO summer school

September 2022

International NAPO conference at the occassion of the Czech presidency of the Council of the EU

A meeting with the Association od manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices

Negotiations with WHO about opening a position of a Patient Community Coordinator for Ukraine

Participation at a kick off meeting regarding opening a Czech EUPATI platform

The second NAPO Member Board meeting – admission of 13 new members

October 2022

Organization of a round table on telemedicine – law, reimbursement and technological aspects

Participation at the UNHCR inter-agency workshop – Refugee Response Plan for Ukraine

A fundraiser recruited, a fundraising strategy created

Advertising of a new position – Patient Community Coordinator, in cooperation with WHO and the Czech Ministry of Health.

November 2022

Participation in the Fundraising Mini School at the Patient Hub

Participation in a discussion panel at “EHDS as an effective tool for improving healthcare in the EU” conference

Participation at the “Digital medicine (not only) for patients” conference. Previous year at this conference we presented a document with 10 rules for telemedicine from the patients’ perspective. 

First meeting of the Expert group for systemic change of funding of NGOs created by the Government Council for NGOs at the Government Office. NAPO is a member of the group. 

NAPO strategic planning

A meeting with the Psychosomatic Medicine Society

December 2022

Participation at APO Alumni VII

A meeting with V. Finsterle, a representative of Lekarna.cz, exploring patients’ needs towards pharmacists

A lecture by A. Tichopád (CzechHTA, Faculty of Biomedicine Engineering, Czech technical University) about HTA 

A regular meeting with the Dept. for Support of Patients’ Rights, Ministry of Health

NAPO concert for member organizations and partners in the Jerusalem synagogue

January 2023

A meeting with the Czech Parmacist Chamber to discuss vaccination in pharmacies, emergency dispensing of medicines etc. 

Graduation in the Fundraising Minischool (Pacient Hub)

WHO A Year in Review – a meeting at the Residence of the Mayor of Prague at the opportunity of inauguration of the new WHO CZ Director

Opening negotiations with the Ministry of Health regarding a trasfer of the Patient Hub

NAPO strategic planning, 2nd part

Online consultation with our partner patient organization FFO, Norway

Audit of our project conducted by the Ministry of Health

February 2023

Participation at the intense course “Involving patients in HTA processes” organized by the Dept. of Patient Rights Support at the Ministry of Health and APO. 

Conclusion of a series of consultations within the Advocacy Forum

Kick off meeting with EY concerning the analysis of financial benefits of patient organizations 

Meeting of the project management with working groups guarantors – setting up of work flow and rulese

Lecture by RNDr. Marian Rybář on evaluation of the quality of healthcare

March 2023

Participation at a lecture on AI in healthcare by Carebot 

A meeting concerning further cooperation with SYRI National Institute

Negotiations about cooperation of NAPO with the Ministry of Health on education of students of medicine

Screening of the Intense Life Unit documentary follwed by a discussion with a specialist in paliative medicine MUDr. Ondřej Kopecký

Signing a contract with WHO for “Supporting Ukrainian refugees
with access to health and social services” project implemented by NAPO

Participation at AI bootcamp Data Saves Lives in Lisbon

Participation of two NAPO representatives in the first series of EUPATI online course

April 2023

NAPO Member Board Meeting – a number of members rising to 42

Participation of NAPO at the Social Services Law Working Group (3/4)

The European Patients’ Rights Day information campaign (18/4)

Webinar by the Society for Psychosomatic Medicine ČLS JEP

NAPO joining the Zdravotnictví 2030+ initiative

A meeting at the Ministry of Health concerning opening a position of a coordinator for UA patients transports (26/4)

Participation of NAPO in thematic subgroups (multi-year funding and umbrella organizations) in the Expert group for systemic change of funding of NGOs at the Government Office. 

EPF Annual Conference – NAPO became a full member

A coordinator of Support for UA Patients Project – onboarding, preparation of a survey

May 2023

2.5. Participation at the meeting of the work group for sustainable funding of patient organizations of the Minister of Health’s Patient Council 

18.5. Round table discussing sustainable funding of patient organizations, the Ministry of Health 

10.5. Webinar on EHDS organized by the NAPO work group for digital medicine

12.5. Meeting with the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists on emergency disposal of medicines

30.5. Medic Café  – presentation of educational programme for medicine students focused on work of patient organizations (starting autumn 2023)

31.5. Submission of the analysis of health and social system literacy among UA refugees in CZ, WHO project

June 2023

Meeting with the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně 

Memorandum of cooperation with the Military University Hospital Prague signed, an intent to establish a Patient Council

Memorandum of cooperation with the Association of Ombudsmen in Healthcare

Meeting with the Ministry of Labour and Social Issues –  establishing regular meeting, a plan to establish a platform

A participation at a meeting discussing the sustainability of the Patient Hub project with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health

NAPO representative taking part in national EUPATI training module

14.6. Participation at the Prague 13 Health Day

30.6. Submission of the analysis of needs of UA patiens transfered to Czech hospitals, WHO project

Fundraising campaign – NAPO pronounced a NGO of the month in Café Nezisk

July 2023

Patient Forum 2023 – start of preparations, dissemination of Save the Date

WHO project – a meeting with WHO and the Ministry of Health to evaluate submitted analyses, continuation in UA patients case management

Survey of attitudes of patients and doctors towards preventive check-ups done by NAPO and Ministr zdraví – publication of results

Negotiations with the Patient Hub regarding take-over of their selected activities

Recruitment of a new NAPO director

August 2023

Conclusion of the selection procedure for the position of NAPO Executive Director

Preparations for the Patient Forum 2023 conference – registration open

Signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation with Active Citizenship Network

Finalisation of negotiations with the Patient Hub, agreement to produce a video on the activities of patient organisations

Negotiations with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health concerning a grant to finance the bilateral initiative EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 – an international conference to share good practice of patient organisations and cooperation with Norwegian partners

Participation in the APO Summer School on the regulation of promotion of medicinal products

September 2023

Cooperation with the Czech Professional Society of Clinical Pharmacy established

Negotiations with the Prague University of Economics and Business regarding participation of NAPO in the project of financial protection of households with chronic patients within the Jan Ámos Komenský Operational Programme (OP JAK)

EY analysis of the value of services provided by patient organisations – presentation of results to the media and member organizations

Participation in the Active Citizenship Network webinar on the benefits of vaccination, participation in the campaign on social media

Completion of the WHO project to improve access to medical care for Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic, participation in the WHO foreign mission consultation with Czech NGOs

Launch of a questionnaire on the attitude of patient organisations towards partnerships with pharmaceutical companies

Preparation of the NAPO Patients’ Forum Conference

October 2023

Participation at 2024 Refugee Response Planning – WHO strategic planning workshopu on Ukrainian refugees

Meeting of EEA project implementers from patient organizations in the Patient Hub

Lifmat conference under the auspices of NAPO

First meeting of the newly established working group for Patients’ Rights at the MoH

Patient Forum 2023 – NAPO annual conference

Signing of the Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation with the Czech Medical Society of J. E. Purkyně

November 2023

Participation in the roundtable on Nonprofits and the Legislative

Process in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic

Participation in the Patient Hub conference

High Level Forum meeting (AIFP, Pfizer, Novonordisk)

Participation in EPF Member Cicrle: Youth Involvement in Patient Organisations

Publication of an awareness raising video on patient organisations

NAPO pre-Christmas meeting with partners and patient organizations: Concert for good souls

Presentations by E. Müllerová and V. Milata at the conference Digital Medicine (not only) for Patients